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Our Photography Material and Videos

Museum of Glass Lobby

Our Photography Information is broken up into four sections.

Please click on the links above or below to navigate to the specific pages of our photography material.


Photography Notes

This section offers suggestions of where and when to take great photographs in Seattle.  It also includes information about where to buy photographic supplies in Seattle.


Seattle Photo Gallery

This is a collection of photos that we did not use on specific pages to illustrate Seattle attractions.  It also includes photos of attractions that add to the textual material in our Attractions Section and in some cases comprise a virtual tour of the attraction.

 We have posted many of our photos illustrating Seattle attractions on this popular photo-sharing web site. 

Please click here to link to our Flickr pages.



One of our newer features is videos we have produced that provide a virtual tour of attractions.  These feature our photos, written commentary, and pleasant music.  Our videos are posted on Facebook and on YouTube.