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Seattle University Architecture--Chapel of St. Ignatius

Seattle Attractions--Architecture Outside of Downtown

Chapel of St. Ignatius Interior


Completed 2000

 East Marion Street and 12th Avenue East

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One of Seattle's architectural and spiritual highlights is the Chapel of St. Ignatius on the Seattle University campus.  Over 40,000 visitors come to this special place annually. The Chapel's interior is almost otherworldly with the different colored sunlight that dapples the walls and windows. 

Quoting from the Seattle University website, "Architect Steven Holl chose "A Gathering of Different Lights" as the guiding concept for the design of the Chapel of St. Ignatius. Holl conceived of the chapel as "seven bottles of light in a stone box," with each bottle or vessel of light corresponding to a focal aspect of Catholic worship. Light passes through each bottle in a specific area of the building to define physical and spiritual spaces with pools of clear and colored light."


Chapel of St. Ignatius Interior



Chapel of St. Ignatius


Chapel of St Ignatius



Chapel of St. Ignatius

Try to go to the St. Ignatius Chapel in early morning to take advantage of the beautiful morning light  and to see the chapel without people in it.  The play of the different lights as they illuminate the interior of the chapel is really lovely.  The adjacent bell tower and reflecting pool add delicate touches to this delightful chapel.


Chapel of St. Ignatius Bell Tower and Reflecting Pool

Chapel of St. Ignatius      Bell tower and reflecting pool


Photographers should really enjoy capturing the splendid light displays of the chapel.

The landscaping on the campus is lovely.  Take a little time and stroll around to savor the impressive landscaping

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