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Washington State Convention and Trade Center

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Downtown Architecture

Washington State Convention Center Glass Canopy

Convention Center         Glass Canopy over Pike Street


1988 with 2001 addition

Seventh Avenue and Pike Street     

Washington State Convention Center Escalators

This spectacular Convention Center features a dramatic 10 story canopy over its entrance, striking views of its escalators, a lovely glass roof, and displays of art. This Center was planned and built several years after the Freeway Park was completed and it was designed to integrate with the Freeway Park. The interior of the Center features nice views of the escalators ascending to the glass enclosed Plan to see the Park when you visit the Convention From the upper floors and from the roof of the Center you have lovely views of the surrounding downtown buildings. The Center and the Freeway Park offer many scenes worth photographing.


Washingon State Convention Center Roof

Convention Center          Roof and entrance to Freeway Park



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