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Fifth Avenue Theater

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Downtown Architecture

Built 1926

Restored 1979

1326 Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue Theater Marquee

One of the most beautiful historical theaters in Seattle is the magnificent Fifth Avenue Theater.  Loosely modeled after imperial throne room in Beijing's Forbidden City, it is an architectural crown jewel of Seattle. 

The restoration of this beautiful 2,130 seat theater is another success story for preserving Seattle's history.  As is typical of many of the grand old theaters in the country, the Fifth Avenue went through a long period of declining attendance and was forced to close in 1978.  Luckily, 43 Seattle business leaders worked to save and restore this gorgeous performing arts venue.

I first saw this theater at a Broadway musical production several years ago and the theater's interior is truly remarkable. 

The theater offers free tours each Monday at noon.  The tours last 20 minutes and start off beneath the marquee. 

Fifth Avenue Theater Interior



Fifth Avenue Theater Interior Detail


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