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Occidental Square and Mall

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Architecture--Pioneer Square


Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial

Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial


Occidental Square



Occidental Avenue and South Main Street

Pioneer Square area

Occidental Mall


This 0.6 acre park and the adjacent tree-lined mall is a pleasant place to stroll around.  It offers grand views of Smith Tower with Columbia Tower looming in the background. The park has four totems. A deeply touching scene is the Fallen Firefighters Memorial.

For photographers, Occidental Square and Mall offer many lovely scenes to shoot. You can take great photos of Smith Tower from Occidental Square. 


Occidental Park Totems


Occidental Park Totem


Occidental Mall

Caffe Umbria Coffee House

The Caffe Umbria coffee house is on Occidental Mall. Information about this lovely cafe is in our Coffee Houses section. Please click here to see our detailed information.


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