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Street Clocks in the Pioneer Square District

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Pioneer Square District Architecture


Earl Layman Street Clock


Dazzling has an entire section of its Seattle material devoted to the beautiful street clocks in downtown and a few outside of downtown.  The Pioneer Square District is home to several of these clocks.  These clocks make great subjects for photographers.

If you are interested in more coverage of the street clocks, please click here to see our expanded coverage.



  Earl Layman
  F.X. McRory's
  Bank of America
  Pioneer Square Station






Earl Layman Clock


Earl Layman Street Clock

Location:  First Avenue South and South Main Street (Pioneer Square area)

Built:  1907

Background: This stately clock was restored and moved to its current location from Pike and Fourth Avenue where it was named the Young's Credit Jeweler's Clock.  Until recently, the clock stood in front of the venerable Elliott Bay Book store but that store has moved to Capitol Hill.  This clock is named for Seattle's first historic preservation officer.



McRory's Street Clock

F. X. McRory's Street Clock

Location: Occidental Avenue and South King Street

Built: 1905

Manufacturer:  Joseph Mayer

Background:  from the information on the F.X. McRory web site, this clock was first installed downtown  at First and Union.  After bouncing around to several owners, it was purchased and installed in 1992 on the sidewalk in front of F.X. McRory's bar and restaurant.  The location is a little tricky to photograph because the sun shines directly at the clock but it is a lovely clock to photograph.  



Bank of America Street Clock


Bank of America

Manufacturer:  O. B. McClintock

Built:  date unknown

Location:  Occidental and Main

This is one of the various historical clocks made by O.B. McClintock.  The clock is installed on the corner of the State Building.  The website for the Bank of America branch closed in 2011 and the BAnk of America logo was removed. The fate of this clock is uncertain.




North Mezzanine Pioneer Square Station Clock



Pioneer Square Station Clocks

Date:  these clocks were installed in the Pioneer Square Station that was completed in 1990.

Location:  the north and south mezzanines of the Pioneer Square Station overlooking the train and bus loading zones.

Background:  the  following information about the clocks is a direct quote from the Metro Transit information about the Pioneer Square Station: "The north mezzanine clock is made of materials used to build the tunnel and stations-polished marble and granite, steel I-beams, electrical wire, galvanized pipes and metals. The clock numbers are hand tools used by workers who built the tunnel. The south mezzanine clock is made of materials found while the tunnel was being built-old cobblestones, cast-iron pipe, rough granite and brick."



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