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Seattle Municipal Tower

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Downtown Architecture

Built 1990

700 Fifth Avenue

Seattle Municipal Tower

Seattle Municipal Tower

Standing next to the Columbia Center building, the Seattle Municipal Tower enhances Seattle's skyline with a distinctive, curved, green glazed top.  The top of the 62-story Tower looks something like a camping tent enclosing the top five floors of office space. It is the second tallest building in Seattle and 5,000 people work in the building. 

 My favorite part of the Tower complex is the sharply-angled glass entrance to the building on Fifth Avenue.  The angled edges are great targets for photographers.

The Municipal Tower houses most of the city's offices.  It was acquired by the city in 2004.

After viewing the beautiful Fifth Avenue entrance, walk across the street and visit the striking Seattle City Hall.


Seattle Municipal Tower Top

The distinctive green curved top of the Tower


Seattle Municipal Tower

Seattle Municipal Tower Overlooking the Seattle City Hall


Seattle Municipal Tower

Seattle Municipal Tower Entrance on Fifth Avenue


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