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Smith Tower and Observation Deck

Seattle Attractions--Architecture--Pioneer Square

Smith Tower

Smith Tower and Columbia Center from Occidental Square Park


Smith Tower

Smith Tower View from Seattle City Hall


Completed 1915

506 Second Avenue

Pioneer Square Area

One of the majestic architectural highlights of Seattle is Smith Tower.  This 41 story building is magnificent on the outside and the inside.  When it was completed, it was the fourth tallest building in the U.S. topping out at 522 feet. It was the tallest structure in Seattle until the Space Needle eclipsed it in 1962 at 605 feet.  The building is named for L.C.Smith (Smith-Corona typewriters and Smith & Wesson). 

Smith Tower’s elegant shape and striking white exterior stand out in the Seattle skyline.  It is a beacon for photographers. One lovely place to view and photograph Smith Tower is from Occidental Park in Pioneer Square.  From Occidental Park, the black shape of Columbia Center is a dramatic contrast to the beautiful white exterior of the Smith Tower. You can also take nice shots of the back side of the Tower from the Artic Club Building and Seattle City Hall.

Front View of Smith Tower

Smith Tower View from Pioneer Square Park





Smith Tower Top Floors






Smith Tower Viewed from Columbia Center


Smith Tower Viewed from the Columbia Center Observation Floor




Smith Tower Brass Elevator Doors

Brass elevator doors in lobby


The interior of the Smith Tower is elegant.  Make sure you see the marbled lobby with its beautiful brass elevator doors.  It has the last manually-operated elevators on the west coast.  An interesting tidbit about the building is that six of its seven elevator motors are powered by their original motors. Another tidbit is that the exterior of the building has been cleaned only two times. 


 Smith Tower View from Observation Deck

View looking northwest from the Smith Tower Observation Deck

Smith Tower Observation Deck View

View looking south from the Smith Tower Observation Deck


Visitors can go to Smith Tower's 35th floor observation deck for a modest admission fee.  The observation deck is only 50 feet shy of the height of the Space Needle's observation deck. On the building's website, you can take a virtual tour of the observation deck and see the magnificent Chinese Room.

The Smith Tower Observation Deck and Chinese Room is open 7 days a week from April through October. It is open Saturdays and Sundays from November through March. You can check on the current schedule on the Smith Tower web site.

Please click here to go to the official web site for the Smith Tower. You can call the Smith Tower information line at (206) 622-4004.


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