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St. James Cathedral

Seattle Attractions--Architecture Outside of Downtown


St. James Cathedral Twin Towers

Completed 1907

Marion Street and Ninth Avenue on First Hill

A Registered Historic Seattle Landmark


Please click here to see our detailed map of First Hill.


The twin 170-foot high towers of this cathedral church shoot up from the trees on First Hill.  When the Cathedral was completed in 1907, the towers were complemented by a 120 foot tall dome.  The dome collapsed in 1916 from the weight of 30,000 pounds of snow and was never rebuilt.

The Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church and is the home of the Archdiocese of Seattle. 


St. James Cathderal Bronze Front Doors

The bronze doors by Ulrich Henn


The Cathedral is notable in many respects.  First, it is a lovely church on the outside and the inside.  The bronze front doors of the Cathedral are a special treat and were added in 1999.  They are the work of German sculptor Ulrich Henn and depict the journey of humanity.  The doors are a treat to look at.

Please click here to go to our Photo Gallery page that features the bronze doors.

St. James Cathedral stained glass windows


For lovers of stained glass, the Cathedral has a treasure trove of beautiful stained glass windows.    

St. James Cathedral Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary


The Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the most ethereal parts of the Cathedral's interior. Created in 1994, it is a place of absolute serenity.

Make sure you peek in the Cathedral Chapel, a place that features lovely glass windows, art, and a statue of Mary known as Our Lady of Seattle.


St. James Cathedral Chapel stained glass


Finally, the courtyard has a magnificent statue of Mary. 

St. James Cathedral Statue

The statue of Mary in the Cathedral's courtyard


St. James Cathedral Burning Bush

Burning bush sculpture by Olrich Henn who made the bronze doors


I have walked around the Cathedral a number of times and never tire of seeing its beautiful exterior and interior.  This is one of the most serene places in Seattle.


The Cathedral has a well-done virtual tour that is worth exploring. 


Please click here to go to our Photo Gallery page about the Cathedral's beautiful bronze entrance doors.

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