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St. Joseph Catholic Church

Seattle Attractions--Capitol Hill

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

An early morning view of the Church


St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Completed 1932

732 18th Avenue on Capitol Hill

A Registered Historic Seattle Landmark

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This lovely Art Deco church is one of Capitol Hill's most beautiful places.  The church has an elegant exterior and a gorgeous interior.  I usually stop by the church several times when I visit Seattle to enjoy the serenity of the church. 

 St. Joseph's Catholic Church Stained Glass

Stained glass windows with reflection on grand piano


The interior of the church is magnificent.  For lovers of stained glass, the church has some splendid stained glass windows.  The large mosaic image of Mary floating gracefully over the prayer candles is absolutely peaceful. 


 St. Joseph's Catholic Church Stained Glass


To add to the beauty of the church, the homes on 18th Avenue in front of the church offer exceptional examples of attractive landscaping. 


 St. Joseph's Catholic Church Stained Glass


St. Joseph's Catholic Church Art

Mosaic of Mary


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