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University of Washington Campus Architecture

Seattle Attractions--Architecture Outside of Downtown

University of Washington Drumheller Fountain

Drumheller Fountain


University of Washington architecture


University of Washington Architecture

Exterior Building Detail


University of Washington Architecture

One of the many gargoyles that peer down at the campus



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We have already mentioned the University of Washington campus as a place with beautiful landscaping.  The landscaping is a nice complement to the splendid Neo-Gothic architecture on the campus.

The crown jewel of the University of Washington's architecture is the Suzzallo Library.  The exterior of the building is elegant but the major feature of the building is its elegant reading room whose ceiling rises 65 feet above the reading room floor.  Please click here to go to our web page for the Library.


University of Washington Architecture


The other Neo-Gothic buildings spread out from Red Square.  The lovely Liberal Arts Quadrangle is a grand marriage of attractive landscaping and beautiful buildings.  It features elegant cherry trees that almost dance like ballet stars in front of the buildings.

Make sure that you walk down to the large Drumheller Fountain.  It is an impressive sight and it is surrounded by several rose garden beds.

The University of Washington's campus is one of Seattle's major attractions with its architecture, its landscaping, the Burke Museum of Natural and Cultural History, the Henry Art Gallery, and its large book store.

For visitors, this school of 40,000 students and its staff of thousands can be a challenge for parking.  Visitors can park free in specially designated areas on Sundays.  The campus is much less crowded on the weekends.

Don't rush your visit. Take a leisurely stroll around the campus.  It is one of Seattle's most beautiful settings.


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