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Pike Place Market Visitors Guide
Page 5

What to Do at the Market--Market Highlights--The Colorful Buskers

Bluegrass at Pike Place Market

Bluegrass by a Busker Trio



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Buskers (street musicians and performers) add a lot of color and sound to PPM.  The buskers are officially licensed by PPM management.  Many of them have performed at PPM for a long time. There are 13 locations where they can perform in PPM.  Stop and listen or watch for a few minutes.  Please show your appreciation with a tip into the hat.  Many of the musicians sell CD's featuring their music..


Robby the "Silverman"

Robby the "Silverman" Greeting a Young Man


A Busker with a Sitar

A Distinguished Gentleman Working His Sitar


Buskers Playing Bluegrass

More Bluegrass at the Market



A Magician Busker at Pike Place Market

A Street Magician Mystifying His Audience


The Balloon Man at Pike Place Market

The Famous Balloon Man (Farrell Thomas)


Pike Place Market Balloon Man

The Famous Balloon Man (Farrell Thomas)


A Busker Concert at Starbucks

Great Music in Front of the First Starbucks Store


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