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Pike Place Market Visitors Guide
Page 7

Eating at the Market

PPM has a large number and wide variety of places to eat and drink.  You usually don't have to walk far to encounter delicious food.  For great views, locate a restaurant such as the Athenian Inn or Lowell's that offer windows looking out at Elliott Bay.



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Athenian Inn

Pike Place Market's Athenian Inn

The Athenian Inn has been at PPM since 1909. Tom Hanks ate at the Athenian Inn in "Sleepless in Seattle."  HIs famous place at the bar is noted with a sign. If you eat here, insist on a table that overlooks Elliott Bay. 


Lowell's Restaurant and Bar

Lowell's Restaurant at Pike Place Market


Besides the Athenian Inn, another PPM restaurant that offers gorgeous views of Elliott Bay is Lowell's, a market institution since the early 1900's. 


Piroshky Piroshky


Pike Place Market's Piroshky Piroshky


The Piroshky Piroshky bakery has been  featured on Food Channel and Travel Channel specials about eating in Seattle. 

Pike Place Market's Piroshky Piroshky Display Case


The display cases at Piroshky Piroshky offer seductive treats for the hungry visitor.


Waterfront Viewpoint

Pike Place Market's Waterpoint Viewpoint


One of the secrets of PPM is that the market has a Waterfront Viewpoint where you can go to sit and enjoy a lovely view of Elliott Bay.  You can purchase food from any of the vendors and bring it to the Viewpoint to enjoy. You will see the sign for the Viewpoint when you are walking through the Arcade.


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