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Pike Place Market Visitors Guide
Page 6

What to Do at the Market--Market Highlights Continued

Giant Pig at Pike Place Market

The Giant Pig at Pike Place Market



Gum Wall
Giant Squid Statue
Sasquatch Statue
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Pike Place Market Gum Wall

The infamous Gum Wall


Pike Place Market Gum Wall

Gum Icicles on the Gum Wall

No visit to PPM is complete without a glimpse at the infamous Gum Wall.  An art work started in 1993 on the walls of the Market Theater and that is always in progress, the gum wall is certainly provocative.  It is not as gross as it sounds and it actually photographs well.  Certain artistic patrons have even formed gum icicles dripping from a window sill.  It is on Post Alley maybe one hundred feet from the Information Booth.  Ask the Booth attendant for directions.





 Pike Place Market Giant Squid Statue

Suspended from the ceiling of the south atrium, this squid certainly catches your attention.




Pike Place Market Sasquatch Statue


On the bottom floor of the south atrium, come face to face with a six foot tall wood statue of the famous denizen of the northwest woods.  This is a great place for photos.

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