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Pike Place Market Visitor's Guide

Index for Our Nine Page Guide to Exploring the Market

Pike Place and Pike Street

Pike Place Market Main Entrance

Pike Place Market                    Main Entrance



Introduction Overview
  Why visit
  What is it
  Market History
Plan a visit Directions
  Information booth
Experience Market highlights
  Market sign & clock
  Flying fish
  Starbucks first store
  Strolling the main arcade
  Buskers (street performers)
  Gum Wall
  Giant Squid Statue
  Sasquatch Statue
Eating at PPM Athenian Inn
  Lowell's Restaurant
  Piroshky Piroshky
  Waterfront Viewpoint
  Chukar's Cherries
  Beecher's Cheese
  Three Girls Bakery
  Sisters European Snacks
Architecture Buildings, bridges, etc.


Pike Place Market Overview


No visit to Seattle is complete without a visit to Pike Place Market.  Started in 1907, the Market ("PPM") is  ground zero for Seattle tourism.  The Market has over ten million visitors each year. Visitors and Seattleites come to this place in droves.  You don’t need a guidebook to explore Pike Place Market.  Just walk around, shop, eat, watch the fish vendors slinging fish through the aisles, and enjoy it.  It is touristy but that is okay.  This place is fun and a riot of color.  The main floor with its bazaar of food, flower,  and craft vendors is the heart of the Market but the sprawling Market has seven levels. 

PPM is a beloved Seattle institution.  After one visit, you will understand the fascination with this delightful bazaar.


Why Visit Pike Place Market?

It is the most popular attraction in Seattle The Market has over ten million visitors each year.  It is frequented by visitors and Seattleites.  No visit to Seattle is complete without at least a brief walk through the Arcade.  It is a place to shop, eat, and experience the heartbeat of Seattle.

Yes, the market is touristy.  Yes, the market can get crowded.  Yes, the market is a rabbit warren of shops, stalls, and stores spread over nine acres.  Finally, yes, you will enjoy visiting this place not only on your first visit but on any future trips to Seattle.

A visit to the market is enhanced by the history of the market, the market's architecture, as well as the scenic beauty that surrounds the market.

Photographers will have a field day in PPM.  The market is a riot of colors, people, and architecture.

Pike Place Market Main Arcade

Pike Place Market Main Arcade Scene



What is Pike Place Market?

Founded in 1907, PPM is the oldest continuously-operating public market in the United States. 

Located on nine acres near the Elliott Bay waterfront, the market occupies 12 buildings. 

It has more than 200 permanent businesses, 200 craftspeople, 100 farmers, and 240 street performers. 

PPM also is a benevolent organization that provides assistance to hundreds of low income people. 


History of the Market


The market was founded in 1907 as a place where local farmers could sell their produce directly to consumers.  The market thrived for several decades until its decline with the migration of residents to the suburbs.

In the 60's, the market had become so run down that developers were petitioning to have the market torn down and replaced with offices and condos.   A local, Victor Steinbrueck, lead a citizen's movement to save the market.  The movement was successful and  PPM was designated the Market Historical District.  It later was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

A development authority (the Pike Place Market PDA) was established to manage market operations.

Victor Steinbrueck Park, located next to PPM, was named in honor of Mr. Steinbrueck.

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