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Pike Place Market Visitors Guide
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Flower Stalls

Pike Place Market Flower Displays


The flower stalls at the market offer beautiful floral arrangements.  This is a great place for photography.



Fish Vendors

Pike Place Market Fish Vendor

The displays of fresh fish are mouth watering and fun to look at.


Food Vendors

Pike Place Market Arcade Food Vendor

Merchants offer an extensive variety of fresh fruits and vegetables including organic.


Craft Vendors

Pike Place Market Crafts

The market vendors have lovely selections of handmade crafts. For photographers, most vendors don't mind your taking shots but ask permission first. Talk with a few of the craft vendors and you will find out that many of them have sold at PPM for years. I talked with one vendor who had sold at the market for 25 years and the vendor in the adjacent table had been there 31 years.

Pike Place Market Craft Vendor


Pike Place Market Craft Vendor


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