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Seattle Street Clocks

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Ben Bridge Jeweler Street Clock

Ben Bridges Street Clock     1430 Fourth Avenue




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Map for the Street Clocks
Resources for Further Exploration of Seattle's Street Clocks




Seattle has a number of distinctive clocks you will encounter as you explore around downtown.  Many of the clocks are historical and date back decades.  Some are modern.  One is famous (Pike Place Market's clock). You may not get excited about all of them but they are  interesting to look at and a few make great photographic targets. 

Some of the oldest clocks date back to the days when many people didn't have a watch and relied upon public clocks.  Seattle had a number of these "street clocks" that were beautiful historical instruments.  These street clocks started being lost and the city of Seattle almost acted too late to save these interesting pieces of history.

Luckily, many of the historical clocks were saved and restored and stand "watch" over Seattle's streets.  Majestic clocks like the F. X. McRory's clock and the Ben Bridges clock add charm and elegance to Seattle's downtown.


Century Square Street Clock

Century Square Street Clock (next to Westlake Park) 


Definition of "Street Clock"

I have loosely used the term "street clock" to apply to any type of clock that can be observed from the street.  My term "street clock" applies to the historical "street clocks", modern street clocks, clocks on building facades, advertising sign clocks, store sign clocks, clocks on building towers, as well as several clocks visible from the passenger platforms in the King County Metro Transit station.  If it is a clock and is not for sale in a store window, then I have tried to list it.



The greater Seattle area has many "street clocks" scattered all over the place.  The Dazzling pages are primarily devoted to clocks in the downtown area.  One notable exception to this is the magnificent Carroll's Jewelers clock that is displayed outside of the Museum of History and Industry.  That clock spent many years at its location downtown but the clock was donated to the Museum when the Carroll shop closed.  This particular clock is truly the Lord of the Street Clocks.  It will be moving near town in 2012 when the Museum relocates to Armory building on South Lake Union. If you want to explore clocks located outside of downtown, please go to Rob Ketcherside's Seattle clock website.  Rob has compiled a long list of clocks scattered around Seattle.


Here is how our Street Clock section is built. 


We have a Street Clocks Summary Index.  This two page index lists all of the clocks that we feature.  For each clock, the Index lists the thumbnail image of the clock, the name of the clock, and the location.  Just click on the image of the clock and you will link to our detailed page for each clock.

Our Detailed Clock Page for each clock has one or more photos of the clock, the name of the clock, the location, the manufacturer (if known),  a brief history of the clock ( if known), and my editorial comments about the clock.  Use the Street Clocks Summary Index Pages to find specific clocks.



Map of Street Clocks

Please click here to open a separate tab in your browser that displays our detailed map for the street clocks.


More Resources about Seattle's Street Clocks

If you are interested in looking deeper into the Seattle metro area's collection of street clocks, check out Rob Ketcherside's web site.  He is one of the resident Seattle experts about the street clocks and he has compiled an extensive listing of the clocks.  Rob also leads a "Clock Walk" for the Seattle Architectural Foundation several times a year.  Click the following links for Rob's website and for The Clock Walk.

More Links: The Electric Time Company of Medfield, Massachusetts is a leading manufacturer of large tower and building clocks.  Their links page has a number of interesting links if you would like to delve deeper into clocks.





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