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Seattle's Best Viewpoints

Seattle Attractions

Seacrest Park View

View from Seacrest Park in West Seattle


Seattle is a beautiful city with many grand views.  I have developed a short list of some of the city's best scenic views.  The most famous viewpoint is the observation deck of the Space Needle.  However, there are many other great viewpoints to discover as you explore Seattle.

This list of views includes two places with an admission charge: the Space Needle and the Smith Tower Observation Deck.  The rest of the views are free. 

Check out these views.  Please click on the photo to go to our individual web site page for the place with the view. 


  Louisa Boren Park
  Betty Bowen Viewpoint
  Bhy Kracke Park
  Gas Works Park
  Kerry Park
  Jose Rizal Park
  Seattle Harbor Cruise
  Smith Tower Observation Deck
  Space Needle
  Volunteer Park Water Tower
  West Seattle Coastline


Louisa Boren Park

Louisa Boren Park View


Louisa Boren Park is just a short walk or car ride from Volunteer Park. This small park on Capitol Hill has a magnificent view of Lake Washington and the Cascades.  Sunrises can be gorgeous.


Betty Bowen Viewpoint on Queen Anne Hill

Betty Bowen Viewpoint


This viewpoint on West Highland Drive has lovely views of Magnolia, Puget Sound, the cruise ships, marinas, and the Olympic Mountains.  After you check this viewpoint out, go several blocks east on West Highland Drive and see the views at Kerry Park.


Bhy Kracke Park

Bhy Kracke Park

View of the Seattle Skyline from Bhy Kracke Park


This little-known park that is hidden on Queen Anne Hill has some splendid views of the Seattle skyline, Capitol Hill, and south Lake Union.


Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park View


This is one of Seattle’s most popular parks and it has really great views of an old factory, Lake Union, the Seattle skyline, Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne Hill.


The spectacular views from Kerry Park

Kerry Park View


This small park on Queen Anne Hill has some of the most photographed landscape views in Seattle.  After you visit Kerry Park, drive to the west end of West Highland Drive to enjoy the views at the Betty Bowen Viewpoint.  


Jose Rizal Park

Jose Rizal Park View


This park on Beacon Hill has lovely views of downtown, Elliott Bay, and the Olympic Mountains.


The Seattle Harbor Cruise

Harbor Cruise


On this one hour cruise, you see dramatic views of downtown, the waterfront, the Port of Seattle Grain Terminal, Queen Anne Hill, the large Elliott Bay Marina below Magnolia Hill, the Olympic Mountains, and the Seattle shipping terminal. 


Smith Tower Observation Deck 

Smith Tower Observation Deck View

View looking south


Smith Tower is one of Seattle’s most beautiful buildings and it has an observation deck on the 35th floor that is almost as high as the Space Needle. There is a small admission charge.


Space Needle

Space Needle

This iconic structure is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012.  Its observation deck is 520 feet high and offers panoramic views of Seattle.  There is an admission charge to go to the top of the Space Needle.  Lines can be long to ride to the top.


The Volunteer Park Water Tower

Volunteer Park Water Tower

Southwest view from the Volunteer Park Water Tower

One of the popular features in Volunteer Park is the historic Water Tower. Visitors can climb 100 steps to the top of the tower and enjoy 360 degree views of the Seattle area.  It is one of the best views of Seattle at an elevation of 520 feet above Puget Sound.


West Seattle Coastline Views

West Seattle Coastline View

A view of the Seattle skyline from Seacrest Park on Harbor Avenue


The West Seattle coastline has gorgeous views of the Seattle skyline, Elliott Bay, and the Olympic Mountains. 


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