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The Best of Seattle's Botanical Gardens

Bellevue Botanical Garden Scene

Spring Scene in Bellevue Botanical Gardens


Seattle and the surrounding area feature several outstanding botanical gardens.  The mild climate and cool summers allow a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers to flourish. These botanical gardens are all visual highlights.  Visitors that enjoy nature and magnificent landscaping should make every effort to see one or more of these wonderful botanical gardens. Please click on the name of the garden to go to our detailed travel information for that garden.



Please click here to open up our detailed map in a separate tab in your browser showing the location of the Seattle area botanical gardens.




Here is our full listing of the botanical gardens in the greater Seattle area. Please click on the link name or the image to see our detailed web page about the garden.


Bloedel Reserve

Bloedel Reserve

The Bloedel Reserve is on top of the list of the greater Seattle area botanical gardens.  It is located on Bainbridge Island and is a must see for all lovers of beautiful gardens. 


Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Bellevue Botanical Gardens

These gardens are owned and maintained by the city of Bellevue. This a lovely place to visit featuring 36 acres of landscaping magic.



Carl S. English Botanical Gardens

Carl English Botanical Gardens

Seeing these gardens is just part of a nice outing to the Ballard locks.  Enjoy exploring and seeing over 1,500 varieties of plants.


Kubota Garden

Seattle's Kubota Garden

This splendid 20 acre garden is part of the great City of Seattle parks system.  Take your time and savor the splendor of this grand display of landscaping that marries Japanese landscaping with northwest plants. Kubota Garden is a place of delicate beauty and is one of our favorite places to visit in the Seattle area.


Kruckeberg Botanical Garden

Kruckeberg Botanical Garden

This lovely four acre garden is owned by the city of Shoreline in north Seattle.


Japanese Garden in Washington Park Arboretum

Japanese Garden in the Washington Park Arboretum

This meditative 3.5 acre Japanese garden is located in the Washington Park Arboretum. 


The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden

Rhododendron Species  Botanical Garden

This 22 acre garden is located on the splendid campus of the Weyerhauser Company.  It is magnificent in spring when its 600 varieties of rhododendrons put on a dazzling floral  show.


Seattle University's Gardens

Seattle University Gardens

One of Seattle’s lesser-known treasures is the campus of Seattle University.  The campus offers several features that make it worth exploring:

The campus landscaping is composed of a number of individual gardens that are tied together by the campus walkways.  The entire campus is only 50 acres so a walk to see all of the campus is not a major undertaking


Soest Herbaceous Display Garden

Soest Herbaceous Display Garden at the University of Washington

This is a gorgeous small garden on the University of Washington. In summer and fall, it offers spectacular scenery with over 280 kinds of plants.



South Seattle Community College Arboretum

South Seattle Community College Arboretum


This 6 acre arboretum in West Seattle with 12 gardens in it is a laboratory for students in the College’s Landscape Horticulture Program.  This is a lovely place to walk around and it offers plenty of scenery for photographers.

Streissguth Gardens

Streissguth Gardens


Seattle has a number of hidden gems.  These are little places that are worth finding in your explorations of Seattle. I really love gardens and my brother introduced me to a one acre hidden gem hanging from a steep hillside on the northwest part of Capitol Hill.  



Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum


This magical 230 acre Olmsted-designed park on the shores of Lake Washington is lovely to drive through and is an ideal place to stroll and enjoy gorgeous landscaping.  


Woodland Park Rose Garden

Woodland Park Rose Garden


This 2.5 acre park adjacent to the Woodland Park Zoo was created to display the incredible variety of roses that grow in Seattle's rose-friendly climate.  From May through September, this garden is a show-stopper. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Seattle area.





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