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Winter at Kubota Garden

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Botanical Gardens

Renton Avenue South at 55th Avenue South

Beacon Hill neighborhood


Winter Scene Kutota Garden

Kubota Garden is a lovely meditation on nature any time of the year.  Surprisingly, Kubota is a delight on a cloudy and wintry day.  The age of the shrubbery and the trees aids in the winter presentation of this magnificent botanical garden.  You stroll around Kubota and the deep beauty of its design just imbues the place with peace.  There are a number of plants, shrubs, and trees that offer lovely scenes in winter. 

 A note about visiting in winter--Kubota's trails are dirt and they can get quite muddy so wear an old pair of shoes.


Winter Scene at Kubota Garden



Winter Scene at Kubota Garden



Winter Scene at Kubota Garden


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