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Anhalt Apartments--Castles in Seattle

Seattle Attractions--Exploring Capitol Hill


Anhalt Apartment



730 Belmont


Fred Anhalt (1896-1996)

Anhalt Apartment Buildings Were Constructed 1927-1930


Fred Anhalt was a Seattle builder and contractor who built a number of beautiful apartment buildings in the 1920's and 1930's.  Most of the buildings were on Capitol Hill.

Scattered around Capitol Hill, the Anhalt apartments were small scale brick buildings featuring Tudor styling.  They have lovely touches such as central courtyards, leaded glass windows,  gothic arches, and turrets. They also feature gorgeous landscaping to frame the buildings in lush greenery.

Anhalt Apartment 1005 East Roy

Central Stairway Turret 1005 East Roy


An out of print booklet published in 1978 entitled "Apartments by Anhalt" offers some valuable information about Anhalt's Seattle architecture, especially his apartments.  The preface to the booklet has a wonderful opening paragraph that I would like to quote.

"Castles in Seattle are the way they are lovingly referred to.  Anhalt's apartment buildings are wonderful expressions of a self-taught builder's rapture with Tudor and Norman French vernacular architecture learned from the pattern books of the 1920's.  Fred Anhalt called his buildings "apartment homes" and lavished them with craftsmanship in brick, wood, leaded and stained glass, brass, and wrought iron, impeccably landscaped and maintained, these buildings still provide living environments of rare quality in an urban setting.  They exude that charm and romantic ambiance of the arcadian retreat from busy city life that their designer intended and have aged so that they are, if anything, more beautiful than ever before."

Anhalt Apartment Building Booklet Cover

The cover of the booklet "Apartments by Anhalt" features an image from a 1930 promotional brochure


Most of the Anhalt apartments have been converted to condominiums.

Take time to stop and look at a few of the Anhalt buildings.  They are serene little architectural gems. Their courtyards are a peaceful respite from the rush of ordinary life.

Here are addresses for some of the Anhalt apartments:

We are pleased to present special web pages for two of the apartment buildings generally noted as the most beautiful of all of the Anhalt Apartment buildings.


1516 East Republican

Anhalt Apartment Building 1516 East Republican

Please click here to see our web page featuring the building at 1516 East Republican.  This building has splendid landscaping.


417 Harvard East

Anhalt Apartment Building 417 Harvard East

This building has a lovely entry gate

Anhalt Apartment Building 417 Harvard East


1201 East John

Anhalt Apartment Building 1201 East John


Anhalt Apartment Building 1201 East John


Anhalt Apartment Buildings

An image from the booklet "Apartments by Anhalt" showing a pastel and charcoal drawing by Norman Fox of the apartments building at 1014 East Roy Street


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