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Center for Wooden Boats

Seattle Attractions--South Lake Union

Center for Wooden Boats

1010 Valley Street

South Lake Union

Five minute drive from downtown


An interesting Seattle attraction is the Center for Wooden Boats located at Seattle's Lake Union Park. Its delightful collection of historical boats is a treat to look at and to photograph.  There is no admission fee. You can rent some of the restored boats as well as rent a model boat to sail in the Park's model boat pond

Intermingled with the Center and Lake Union Park are several historic boats.  You can stroll around and take in the park, the Center and see the boats in a leisurely stroll. 

For more information about the Center, please click here to go to their web site.

PHOTOGRAPHY NOTE:  the Center for Wooden Boats, the Lake Union Park, and the Historic Ships Collection compose a target-rich environment for photographers. 


Center for Wooden Boats


The yellow boat in the above photo is based on the Artic Umiak, a boat that dates back 5,000 years.  Traditionally made of wood with a walrus hide covering, this Umiak is made from a wood frame with coated nylon replacing the walrus hide.  This Umiak is bolted together with chopsticks.  The play of the light on the transparent yellow Umiak yielded a beautiful image that I have captured with the camera.


Center for Wooden Boats


This stained glass window is in the Center's shop building.


Center for Wooden Boats


These two model boats are in the shop building at the Center.


Arthur Foss Tugboat

Historic tugboat Arthur Foss

This is the historic wooden tugboat Arthur Foss.  Built in 1889, it is one of the oldest wooden-hulled tugboats in the United States.  She provided transportation during the Alaskan gold rush and she was cast in the 1933 MGM movie Tugboat Annie.  The Arthur Foss sits at a dock in the South Lake Union Park adjacent to the Center for Wooden Boats.  She is a lovely old vessel with beautifully-weathered wood.


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