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Caffe Ladro

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Coffee Houses

435 15th Avenue East

Capitol Hill


Caffe Ladro


Caffe Ladro


Caffe Ladro has an attractive coffee house on 15th Avenue at the top of Capitol Hill.  This store looks and feels like it has always been here on Capitol Hill.  Located in the attractive strip of old neighborhood stores,  this coffee house really invites you to come in and savor their coffee and pastry offerings. 


Caffe Ladro

Cool and deep red walls displaying art, decorative lighting fixtures, and inviting tables beckon you into this coffee house where you can sit and watch the foot and vehicle traffic cruise 15th Avenue.  In pleasant weather, the five arm chairs in front of the store make a great place to enjoy your favorite beverage. 

Caffe Ladro has one of the coolest logos of all of the coffee houses.  The slender man wearing an overcoat and hat gazes mysteriously on the pedestrians that walk under his feet. 

This is one of four coffee houses within a three block stretch on Broadway.  This little retail area serves up a lot of java to the denizens of Capitol Hill.

Caffe Ladro has multiple locations in the Seattle metro area.

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