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Caffe Umbria

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Coffee Houses

Caffe Umbria

320 Occidental Avenue

Pioneer Square District


One of my favorite areas in Seattle is the lovely Pioneer Square District.  In the District, Occidental Avenue is a real highlight.  The view on Occidental Avenue looking west from the Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial is delightful any time of the year. Occidental Avenue is also the address for Caffe Umbria, one of my highly recommended coffee houses.

Caffe Umbria stands out in a city filled with coffee houses.  It occupies a beautiful location facing pedestrian-only Occidental Avenue.  The Caffe’s decor features high ceilings, dark woods, art, and an attractive coffee service area.  A highlight of the Caffe’s interior is the sun that steams in through the tall windows and bathes the interior with soft light.   

In pleasant weather, one delightful way to visit the Caffe is to drink your espresso on one of the tables situated outside of the Caffe on Accidental Avenue.  

Besides various coffee drinks, the Caffe offers pastries, panini, and gelato. 

Caffe Umbria Coffee House

The view looking through the front window is decorated with the Caffe Umbria logo.


Caffe Umbria Coffee House

The attractive service counter is the center for espresso brewing



Caffe Umbria Coffee House

The main dining area and the view through the tall windows



The coffee for the Caffe comes from the coffee blending and roasting experience of the Bizzarri family. Umbria is the region of Italy where the Bizzarri family is from. Ornello started roasting coffee in Italy in the 1940's. His son Emanuele moved to Seattle in the 1980's and started roasting coffee. This family is now into its third generation of continuing their tradition of roasting, preparing, and serving excellent coffee.  They opened the coffee house in 1986 at its current location.  Caffe Umbria has only one café in Seattle.

Caffe manager Kaci Creed told me that all of the Caffe's coffees are blends meaning multiple varietals of beans are used in each of their coffees.  Caffe Umbria distinguishes itself from many of the Northwest based coffee roasters because they do a lighter roasting that allows for more of the flavor of the actual coffee bean to be enjoyed as opposed to merely tasting the roast of the bean. The Caffe offers five different blends. 

 The Caffe’s various espresso offerings are a magnet for coffee lovers.  Caffe Manager Kaci Creed made a comment that is so true—each cup of espresso is hand crafted and unique. The baristas take special pride in their latte art.  They produced several examples of latte art for my photo session and they were really attractive photography subjects.


Caffe Umbria Espresso

An Americano presented on a counter illuminated by the Caffe’s tall front windows

Caffe Umbria Store Manager Kaci Creed

Caffe Umbria store manager Kaci Creed

Caffe Umbria Latte Art

Above is a beautiful and delicious example of latte art.  The art is so pretty that you hesitate to disturb it.


When you are strolling around the beautiful Pioneer Square area, take a few minutes to rest your feet and sit down for a pleasant coffee experience at Caffe Umbria.

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