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Espresso Vivace Brix Location

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Coffee Houses

532 Broadway Avenue East on Capitol Hill



Our review of the Brix location

Our review of the Alley 24 location

An interview with co-founder David Schomer


Espresso Vivace Brix Location

The elegant signature curved bar


Review of the Brix Location

The Brix on Broadway is the newest of Espresso Vivace's three locations.  Brix is a lovely store and represents the best of what the Seattle coffee house experience is all about.  Brix is elegant and it features gorgeous and soothing decor to complement the delicious coffee served in the cafe.  Its staff are extremely friendly and prepare an outstanding serving of coffee.

In an interview, co-founder David Schomer told me that he is extremely pleased with the decor of Brix.  Brix is a 2,000 square foot store that features Expresso Vivace's signature curved bar done in caffe forest brown marble.  One of the interesting details about the bar is the art work. Underneath the counter is a series of painted panels that depict the 20 year history of Espresso Vivace.  The artist used espresso coffee as her pigment. 

Brix offers a separate room with art on the wall as a place to quietly enjoy your beverage. David expressed that he wants his coffee house to be a place where you can escape from the bustle of the world to savor his cafe's delicious coffee.

The under the counter murals and some of the art on the walls depict the rosetta art that the baristas create.  One of our photos shows one of David Schomer's rosetta art creations.  David said that it takes a barista around two years to learn to pour a nice rosetta.  They are really works of art. 

If you haven't tried Espresso Vivace, I highly recommend that you take a few minutes and stop by one of their cafes for a pleasant experience enjoying a delicious beverage.


Espresso Vivace Brix

The quiet room with lots of art and soothing decor


Espresso Vivace Brix

Painting of rosetta art



Espresso Vivace Brix

Image beneath the bar of a rosetta poured by founder David Schomer. The artist used espresso as her paint.


An Interview with David Schomer, Co-founder of Espresso Vivace


Espresso Vivace Co-Founder David Schomer


David Schomer at the controls


I met David at the Espresso Vivace Brix location on Broadway.  David is one of the premier coffee experts in Seattle.  David helped co-found Espresso Vivace and he has over 20 years of experience in the espresso business.  David has written books and prepared DVDs about barista training.  A viewing on his blog demonstrates his superb knowledge of the coffee business. 

David commented to me that he wants the patron to have a lovely experience when they come to his coffee house. A visit to his cafe should be a pilgrimage and the patron should expect outstanding coffee served in a place that is aesthetically pleasing.  The Espresso Vivace cafes represent David's personal statement of where you should escape from the world to enjoy coffee.

I asked David what drink he would recommend for a patron visiting his store for the first time.  David recommends the Espresso Machiano.  It is a beautiful presentation and is a joy to drink. He said the best way to enjoy the serving is to drink it in under two minutes to enjoy the best of the crema (foam).

An owner of a multiple location Seattle coffee business gave David the ultimate compliment when I talked with him.  He said that when he is driving around town, he will make a point to stop at Espresso Vivace because they serve such a sophisticated cup of espresso.



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