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Visiting Seattle's Coffee Houses

Savoring Seattle's Magnificent Coffee Culture

Latte Art





Seattle is noted for its proliferation of coffee houses. Unofficial estimates claim that the Seattle metro area has 1,000 coffee houses.  I think that number may be understated.  It seems like every block in downtown and Capitol Hill has one or two coffee houses.

The populace is juiced by caffeine. Seattleites love a sophisticated cup of coffee. You may be curious about why our web site devoted to seeing beautiful places in Seattle has a large section about coffee houses. The best coffee houses are beautiful. They feature gorgeous customer service areas, notable interior design, and display lots of art. Many of the coffee houses have nice views. Coffee houses in Seattle have replaced bars in other cities and are hubs of social activity that include lots of business meetings. Typically, the coffee houses have friendly staff, excellent caffeinated beverages, and delicious pastries.



We have written a brief guide to the specialized terms used in coffee houses.

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Starbucks World Headquarters

Starbucks World Headquarters Building



Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola Coffee           15th Avenue      Capitol Hill


There are number of notable coffee house chains as well as many excellent independent shops in the Seattle area.  The first Starbuck’s store on our planet is located in Pike Place Market.  Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Tully’s, Cherry Street, Top Pot, Caffe Ladro, Peet's, Espresso Vivace, and Victrola are some of the multiple location businesses that dispense their caffeinated products to a thirsty populace. Seattle Coffee Works and Zeitgeist Coffee are two notable independent coffee houses that we discuss.

My advice is if you see an enticing looking coffee house, check it out. Chances are really good that they serve great coffee.  A coffee house serving average coffee will get run out of town.

I will comment on some of the coffee houses that I have frequented on my many visits to Seattle. There is no perfect Seattle coffee house but there are many great places to savor a cup. It is fun to sample different houses as you travel around the city. For tourists, the coffee houses are a great place to rest your tired feet and drink a delicious cup of Seattle coffee. 


Click on the coffee house name to see our detailed information:

Coffee House Name
Caffe Ladro
Caffe Umbria
Cherry Street Coffee House
Chocolate Box
Espresso Vivace
Fuel Coffee
Peet's Coffee & Tea
Pegasus Coffee Bar
Seattle Coffee Works
Starbucks First Store
Top Pot Doughnuts
Tully's Coffee
Victrola Coffee Roasters
Zeitgeist Coffee



We are also pleased to offer the restaurant reviews at These reviews cover the Seattle coffee houses. Click the following image to go to


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