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Pegasus Coffee Bar

Seattle Attractions--Coffee Houses

711 Third Avenue North

Phone (206) 682-3113

Pioneer Square District

Pegasus Coffee Bar


I have passed the Pegasus Coffee Bar on 3rd Avenue many times and have not stopped in.  I changed that in my recent exploration of the Pioneer Square District. 

One of my criteria in assessing a Seattle coffee house is its visual appeal.  The top coffee houses almost always have attractive locations that add to the enjoyment of drinking coffee. 

This Pegasus location is housed in one of Seattle’s most beautiful buildings, the Dexter Horton Building. This terra cotta structure was completed in 1924 and it features a dazzling white terra cotta exterior.  The lobby on 2nd Avenue is simply spectacular with its gold coffered ceiling.  The 2nd Avenue lobby is an architectural delight, complete with a grand piano. Pegasus is adjacent to the main entrance on the  3rd Avenue side of the building.

Pegasus Coffee Bar

The front entrance looking out at the Arctic Club Building


One added bonus of this Pegasus café is that it looks out at the Arctic Club Hotel Building, my favorite building in Seattle.  The many terra cotta walrus heads on the Arctic Club gaze across the street with their unwavering expressions and enchanting tusks.

The décor of Pegasus features a lot of paneling and dark walls that blend in well with the Dexter Horton Building.  On the main floor, you can sit at tables or cozy up to a coffee bar where you can see beans stored.  Pegasus also has a mezzanine with really comfortable overstuffed chairs. 


Pegasus Coffee Bar

Pegasus roasts its own coffee at its Bainbridge Island location and sends it daily to the Seattle locations.  On my visit, you could select from 21 different coffees including organic and decaf blends.  It also has a variety of teas to choose from.  As a complement to the coffee, a variety of pastries are offered.

I ordered an Americano, my standard coffee drink.  The baristas were quite friendly and helpful.  The Americano was delicious. 

Pegasus Coffee Bar

The actual coffee bar


The baristas said that the most popular coffee varieties are the Ethiopian yrgacheffe, the Tanzania peaberry, and the French roast. 

Most of their business is serving the people who work in the Dexter Horton Building but they do attract visitors and Seattleites exploring the Pioneer Square District. 

Pegasus Coffee Bar

The mezzanine level


The Pegasus Bainbridge Island location is one year older than the first Starbucks store in Seattle so that gives Pegasus a notable place in Seattle’s coffee history.  The Dexter Horton Building location has been open since 1979.

Pegasus Coffee Bar


Summary—I give a hearty recommendation for this coffee house. If you are exploring the Pioneer Square District, drop into Pegasus to rest your feet, enjoy a cup of their delicious coffee, and watch the lovable walruses looking at you.

Pegasus has three locations in the greater Seattle area:

The 711 Third Avenue location is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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