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Seattle Coffee Works

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Coffee Houses


107 Pike Street

Near Pike Place Market


Seattle Coffee Works Logo



Seattle Coffee Works interior

Art, sunlight, great coffee


Seattle Coffee Works is a coffee house that truly caters to coffee lovers.   Founded in 2006 and strategically located near Pike Place Market,  it is spacious,  welcoming,  and features lovely local art on its walls. It has a normal expresso bar to satisfy the caffeine urges of most of their patrons. 

Seattle Coffee Works Espresso Bar

The espresso bar


Seattle Coffee Works Espresso Bar

Smiling service at the espresso bar


The Slow Bar

One of their unique offerings is their "Slow Bar".  Store owner Sebastian Simsch told me that his is the only such bar in the Seattle area. Approximately 20 percent of his customers frequent the Slow Bar.

For a coffee aficionado, the Slow Bar is coffee heaven.  The Seattle Coffee Works web site describes it best.  Quoting from their web site,

Slow Bar at Seattle Coffee Works

Seattle Coffee Works       The popular and unique Slow Bar



"You'll know you have arrived at the Slow Bar when you see the map of the world's coffee belt, a wide variety of coffee-making equipment, and a vast selection of single-origin coffees from all four coffee-growing regions around the world.

"Come here to taste coffee varietals, test different methods of extraction, meet fellow coffee geeks, or celebrate a special occasion with a prized cup of coffee. This is a place to indulge your sense of curiosity and revel in the spirit of inquiry. There's so much more to coffee than meets the eye, and the best coffees and blends are yet to be developed. Partner with us on this journey of coffee innovation!

"Our Slow Bar is what makes us unique in the world of coffee. It's part ritual, part playground and part science lab. We will make you any cup of coffee to order."

Store owner Sebastian Simsch did say that they have four to six cuppings a year.

Seattle Coffee Works Sebastian Simsch

Owner Sebastian Simsch enjoying a product of his Slow Bar



Roasting in the Seattle Coffee Works

Sebastian working the roaster


Seattle Coffee Works does their own roasting.  I met owner Sebastian Simsch in their roasting room and got to watch him instructing a member of his team on the nuances of roasting.

Seattle Coffee Works has one location.

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