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Top Pot Doughnuts

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Top Pot Doughnuts Marquee


2124 5th Avenue, Downtown

Top Pot has five other locations around Seattle


Mark Klebeck Co Founder of Top Pot Doughnuts

Co-founder Mark Klebeck with Top Pot's Delicious Offerings (photo courtesy of Top Pot Doughnuts)



An Interview with Mark Klebeck, Co-founder of Top Pot Doughnuts

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Mark Klebeck, one of Top Pot's co-founders, to discuss the history of Top Pot Doughnuts.  The co-founders had a vision that started with one coffee shop and has grown into a local chain of coffee shops that purvey outstanding doughnuts. 


World's Best Doughnuts




Top Pot Doughnut Offerings

The World's Best Doughnuts (photo courtesy of Top Pot Doughnuts)


I am featuring Top Pot Doughnuts because it not only serves great coffee but it has the world's best donuts.  Period. Case closed. End of competition. They taste like they are  half butter because they absolutely melt in your mouth.  Forget the calories (do not go to their website and see how many calories are in each donut).  Just order a donut, tell yourself that this is a fabulous treat, eat it slowly and savor every last bite of this culinary slice of heaven. 

They advertise their pastries as "hand-forged" and they really are.  No two are exactly alike. 

Their doughnuts have been featured on Travel Channel's Donut Paradise show (click here to see replay).

Their website has a photo of the types of donuts and pastries they sell with a description of the varieties of each type.  (click here to see the website page)

Mark said that some of their most popular offerings are the old-fashioned glazed, and their apple fritters.

A few of Top Pot's culinary delights are:


Their Unique Stores

Because they had a background in construction, the brothers have supervised the construction of all of their stores.  One of their stores' unique features is the beautiful woodwork.  The brothers have personally done all of the woodwork in the stores.

Mark said that they strive to blend the old with the new in their stores and they like to restore old buildings to become their coffee houses.  Their flagship 5th Avenue location was originally a 1950's building housing a business that made oil burners.  Their Wedgwood location was an old gas station. 

The recycling of the old and the new started with their famous sign that adorns their lovely Capitol Hill location.  The brothers had originally purchased this sign and it sat outside gathering dust, rain, and apparently a few resident raccoons until they decided to open their first store.  


Growth of the Business 

The Klebeck brothers have  successfully grown the business from the Capitol Hill location's opening in 2002.  Mark said that they now have six retail locations with over 150 employees.  They are an official vendor of the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders. 

Top Pot also has a wholesale business that supplies doughnuts to many of the Seattle area coffee houses including Starbucks. 



Top Pot Empliyees

Jessica and Jackie Presenting Top Pot's Pastries at the Downtown Store


Friendly Employees

I have talked with several of the Top Pot employees.  One thing that really strikes you is that all of their employees smile and exude happiness.  Their service is always fast and gracious. 



President Obama at Top Pot


A few weeks before I met with Mark, the Fifth Avenue store had a most celebrated customer--President Obama.  The President ate one of Top Pot's delicious Pumpkin Old-Fashioned Doughnuts. (click here to see the photo).  


Top Pot Doughnuts

Interior of the Downtown Location



The Top Pot flagship store is on Fifth Avenue downtown.  This is a really beautiful setting.  A recycled old neon sign flashes tirelessly in front.  This two-story coffee house is really airy and has a dramatic storefront with tall glass windows and the Klebeck brothers' woodwork .  It looks and feels really comfortable and has an understated elegance. After dark, from the street, the store looks like the Seattle version of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks. 

The staff told me that on an average Friday, they sell between 200 and 300 dozen donuts to Seattle's starving masses.  That is a lot of butter and smiling faces. 



Top Pot Index of Locations

Capitol Hill 609 Summit Avenue East
Downtown 2124 Fifth Avenue
Queen Anne 325 West Galer
Bellevue 10600 NE 9th Place
Mill Creek 15311 Main Street, Mill Creek
Wedgwood 6855 35th Avenue



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