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The Glass Art of Dale Chihuly

View Chihuly's Art in Seattle and Tacoma


  Chihuly Garden and Glass
  Other Chihuly installations in Seattle and Tacoma
  DVDs about Dale Chihuly's Art




Internationally reknown glass artist Dale Chihuly (born 1941) has been making outstanding pieces and installations of his spectacular glass pieces since 1971.  The works from his glass studio are on display at museums, gardens, buildings, and in homes around the world.

Chihuly Bridge of Glass

The Crystal Towers of the Bridge of Glass in Tacoma 





Chihuly is the world's most successful glass artist.  He received his college education in art and studied glass in Venice. He founded the Pilchuck Glass School outside Seattle in 1971.  His studio is in Seattle.

The breadth and scope of Chihuly's work is staggering.  Working with his team of glass artisans, he has produced a significant number of glass works including individual pieces and major installations .  He has permanent installations or individual pieces at over 250 museums around the world, at dozens of public places such as the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas, and at many residential installations. He also has produced a large number of exhibitions at art museums and botanical gardens.

His installations have featured some massive pieces of glass work.  Some of his works are over 40 feet tall.  One giant tower that he built had almost 3,300 pieces of glass, each piece being several feet in length.

 One beautiful installation is in the ceiling of the lobby of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.  It is 70 feet long, 30 feet wide, has 2,000 individual glass elements, and has 10,000 pounds of steel and 40,000 pounds of glass. 

 Chihuly has constantly pursued new creative directions in his art work and the wide variety of his production is impressive.  His glassworkers have produced countless masterworks at his direction.  Exquisite, delicate, beautiful, sensuous, transcendent and amazing are a few of the adjectives that come to mind as you look at Chihuly's oeuvre.






Chihuly Garden and Glass


This is a dazzling new attraction at Seattle Center. It is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the significant contribution to the world of glass art by Dale Chihuly. The exhibition does a masterful job of presenting Chihuly’s resplendent glass art in indoor galleries, a glasshouse, and in a lovely series of outdoor garden installations. This is a must see attraction for Seattleites and for Seattle visitors that appreciate art and botanical gardens.


Please click here to go to our main web page about Chihuly Garden and Glass.







There are several places in the Seattle and Tacoma area that feature Chihuly works on permanent display.





Union Station Chihuly Installation

Union Station Federal Courthouse Installation


Downtown Tacoma is home to an extensive number of beautiful Chihuly glass works and installations.  A visit to Tacoma is a required visit for Chihuly fans. The Museum of Glass, the Chihuly Bridge of Glass, the Tacoma Art Museum, and the Union Station are all noteworthy locations to see Chihuly's art.  The Bridge of Glass is an outstanding location to see a number of Chihuly's wide-ranging span of glass art.  Grab your camera and enjoy the three groups of installations on the bridge.  The beautifully-restored Union Station building is a Federal courthouse that has five major Chihuly installations in it. The Tacoma Art Museum has the largest permanent collection about Chihuly.

The Tacoma Art Museum also offers docent-lead tours of Chihuly's installations in Tacoma and they offer a cell phone tour of the same installations. Please click here to go to the web site for the Tacoma Art Museum for more details about these tours.

Please note that the Union Station Federal Courthouse is only open Monday through Friday. The Tacoma Art Museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday.





Chihuly Installation at Seattle University


In the Albers Hall lobby is the first Chihuly tower installation in the Seattle area.



BENAROYA HALL (downtown Seattle)

The Hall features two beautiful white chandeliers in its lobby.



Dale Chihuly Art in the Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium has a display of several Chihuly pieces.





Chihuly Art Works at the Convention Center


The Convention Center has several delightful pieces in one display case.



Chihuly DVD Collection



Featured DVD  Chihuly:  DVD Collection

DVD Release Date:  2003

Number of Discs:  4


Not often in the art world do you have the opportunity to observe the entire process of producing either a specific piece of art or a group of art pieces.  The joy of the Chihuly DVDs is that they take you through the entire process Chihuly and his team go through to  plan, produce and then install a group of glass art pieces. 

Watching Chihuly design the pieces is a real treat for art lovers.  You get to see him talking about how he creates a vision of what he wants to do at a particular installation site.  It is grand fun to watch him prepare the beautiful sketches of the designs for the individual art pieces.  To say he works fast is an understatement. 

You get to marvel as the DVDs show you the absolute magic that Chihuly's experts employ to produce the stunning works of glass art.  Chihuly and his team have always worked on the cutting edge of technology to produce their masterpieces and watching these experts shape masterpieces of glass art is amazing.

Equally fascinating is watching the process of installing the massive exhibitions.  Many of his large pieces are massive jigsaw puzzles consisting of thousands of pounds of glass and metal skeletons weighing thousands of pounds.  Some of the largest pieces may have hundreds of individual glass elements that have to packed, shipped, uncrated and installed. 

These DVDs are beautiful productions that you will be able to enjoy watching many times.  I personally own this collection and really enjoy it. All of Chihuly's art is a treat to look at.

This DVD set assembles four excellent individual DVDs about Dale Chihuly and his glass art into one grand collection.  This set contains the following individual DVDs:

The following is a summary description of each DVD. 


Chihuly and the Masters of Venice

This featured Chihuly and his team working with two Italian glass masters in Seattle.  One of the men was named by Chihuly as the world's greatest glass blower.  Chihuly called the other man the world's greatest glass sculptor.


Chihuly at the V&A

This covers the important Chihuly exhibition at London's historic Victoria and Albert Museum.


Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem

This featured a massive exhibition that Chihuly staged at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem to celebrate the year 2000.


Chihuly Gardens and Glass

This shows the preparation and installation of Chihuly's exhibition at Chicago's historic Garfield Park Conservatory.  It was his first exhibition in a conservatory and it drew 600,000 visitors.


PURCHASING INFORMATION:  This DVD collection is available for purchase at a discount at  Click the Buy from button to purchase this DVD. The collection qualifies for free shipping.




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