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Seattle's Eating Places

Reviews in TripAdvisor, in Guidebooks, and by Dazzling

Ivars Salmon House on south Lake Union

Ivars Salmon House on South Lake Union




Seattle has a wide variety of restaurants featuring many different types of cuisine.  For restaurant recommendations, we are pleased to offer the extremely helpful reviews of eating places featured at   TripAdvisor is a leading travel research website and it has major resources devoted to its restaurant reviews.  A user friendly search menu is offered to help you select a restaurant by type of cuisine, dining options (buffet, outdoor seating, good for kids, etc. ), and price range. 

Once you select a specific restaurant on TripAdvisor, the site furnishes you the address, map and phone number for the restaurant.  The best feature at TripAdvisor is the large number of reviews written by patrons.  TripAdvisor gives you a summary of the ratings by the patrons that have written reviews. 


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You can also locate reviews in several of the guidebooks that we recommend (click here to see the books).




We have a few personal restaurant suggestions to add to the many reviews at



Ivars Salmon House

401 Northlake Way

North Lake Union

(206) 632-0767


One of my favorite restaurants is Ivars Salmon House. It features a beautiful cedar building that is a replica of a Northwest Indian Longhouse. The restaurant overlooks Lake Union and downtown Seattle.  Ivars décor is northwest Native American art and it is worth seeing this mini-museum.  The salmon offerings are always delicious and are a special treat to savor.  The combination of excellent food, a beautiful building,  artistic and historic décor, and a lovely view makes a visit to Ivars a memorable experience.


Please click here to go to the website for the restaurant.




Tamarind Tree Restaurant


1036 South Jackson Street

International District

(206) 860-1404


The Tamarind Tree is a provincial Vietnamese restaurant.  It offers delicious and elegant fare in a beautifully appointed restaurant. Please click here to go to its website.





Dicks Drive-Ins


Dick's Drive-Ins

Fast food

Five locations including:

For fast food, it is hard to beat Dick’s.  This Seattle institution offers excellent ice cream.  This frozen treat is delicious and is guaranteed to wreck any diet. An additional treat at the Broadway location is the great opportunty to do people watching.


Please click here for Dick's Drive-Ins website.




Whole Foods Market Westlake Avenue


Whole Foods Market on Westlake Avenue



Whole Foods

2210 Westlake Avenue


(206) 621-9700



If you are in downtown Seattle and are close to this Whole Foods, you may want to stop at it for a lunch, dinner, or coffee break.  This beautiful location has a fabulous buffet with a broad selection of hot and cold foods to appeal to just about any palate.  It is convenient, fast, and offers a pleasant place to dine either inside or outside.  This location also has a coffee bar.


Whole Foods has other locations around the Seattle metro area.  They have a massive store in Bellevue with a phenomenal buffet selection. Check their website for their other stores. 





Cafe Flora


2901 East Madison Street

Madison Valley neighborhood

(206) 325-9100


Seattle Magazine readers recently voted Cafe Flora the best vegetarian restaurant in Seattle.  The food is delicious, the service is excellent, the decor is appealing, and it is a nice place to dine. 


Please click here to go to their website.



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