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The Big Bear Car Wash Grizzly Bear Sculpture

Seattle tourist attractions--exploring the Fremont neighborhood


Fremont Grizzly Bear Sculpture

3977 Leary Way (between Fremont and Ballard)


This grizzly bear sculpture is not publicized when you read about Fremont but it is an impressive piece of wildlife art.  Titled "The Undaunted Spirit", it was commissioned by the owners of the Big Bear Car Wash.  The artist was Lorenzo Ghighlieri. The work was  installed in 2009 in front of the Big Bear Car Wash headquarters building.

This is a beautiful work of art.  The artist certainly conveys the power and majesty of a life-size grizzly bear reigning supreme in his part of the wilderness.  Stop at the Big Bear Car Wash building and take a good look at this art work.

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