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The EMP Museum Page Two

Seattle Attractions--Museums



Concert Promotion Posters Hanging in the Revolution Cafe


Concert Poster Reproductions Hanging in the Revolution Cafe





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1 The Architecture


The EMP Museum
3 The Science Fiction Exhibits
3 Museum Location
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4 Photo Gallery Page 1--Exterior Shots
5 Photo Gallery Page 2--Interior Shots
6 Photo Gallery Page 3--The Roots and Branches Sculpture
7 Photo Gallery Page 4--Sky Church


The museum was funded by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen who is a big fan of Jimi Hendrix.  It was originally intended to be a museum about Hendrix but its mission was revised to be a general museum about the history of rock music.

A quick overview of the EMP is that it gives the visitor a visual trip through the history of rock and roll with a number of historical artifacts on permanent exhibit as well as temporary exhibitions.  It gives a special focus on Seattle native Jimi Hendrix, the rock music pioneer who died in 1970 but whose music continues to inspire legions of fans and musicians. 

Another part of the EMP mission is to allow visitors to have their own experience making music in the interactive labs. 

Over 500,000 visitors including 40,000 students see the EMP Museum annually.

Here are few of the highlights of the EMP:


Roots and Branches Sculpture



Roots and Branches Sculpture

The Roots and Branches Sculpture


Designed by Seattle native Trimpin, Roots and Branches is a signature art work of the EMP.  Composed of over 500 guitars, banjos, drums, keyboards, trumpets, and other music instruments, it dominates the Main Level of the EMP.  The sculpture is a 35 foot tall cyclone of musical instruments that actually plays music.  Trimpin was the artist that built the wonderful and whimsical "Contraption" in Concourse A at Sea-Tac Airport.  Roots and Branches is an amazing art work looked at from any direction. 

Please click here to go to our photo gallery page about The Roots and Branches Sculpture


Tribute to Jimi Hendrix



Jimi Hendrix Concert Suit

Jimi Hendrix Concert Outfit


The EMP currently features a room full of Jimi Hendrix artifacts and history.  The coolest artifact is one of his psychedelic concert outfits that came straight from the land of hippies.  The artifacts really tell you the story of Hendrix and his influence on rock music.  This is an excellent exhibit.

 Jimi Hendrix Exhibit Photo

Jimi Hendrix Concert Announcement



Guitar Gallery

This is a collection of 55 rare acoustic and electrical guitars that present the development of the guitar. 


Sky Church


 Sky Church at the Experience Music Project

Sky Church is the throbbing and visual heart of the EMP.  This is a concert venue that has the world’s largest LED screen (60 by 33 feet) in a dazzling room with 70 foot tall ceilings.  The room can hold up to 800 guests.

Sky Church at the Experience Music Project

I love Sky Church.  It is visually stunning and features a variety of mostly videos of artists and groups in concert.  The giant curved screen displays the groups and the audiences at the concerts with stunning colors and a fabulous sound system.

You can sit for a while and just enjoy the videos that are presented in Sky Church.  You can see a staff member and ask to see the schedule of videos coming up in the next few hours. Some of the videos presented are not music videos. 




Sound Lab


On the Third Level, the Sound Lab is a music junkies dream   It offers the visitor a chance to jam with drums, keyboard, and guitars. Hitting the drums is delightful and makes you feel like a musician. 

On Stage

Live Concert Kiosk

Kiosk for the On Stage Venue


On the Third Level, On Stage takes you and your friends onto a concert hall stage where you perform a virtual rock concert in front of screaming fans.  You can purchase a photo of your group On Stage.

Please click here to go to the Photo Gallery of additional interior photos of the EMP Museum

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