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Museum of Glass

Tacoma Attractions


Museum District

Downtown Tacoma

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Museum of Glass



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One of the most beautiful destinations in the Puget Sound area is the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.  The Puget Sound area is noted as a source of  outstanding glass art and it  is home to many well-known glass artists including world famous artist Dale Chihuly.

Built in 2002, the Museum of Glass pays homage to all of the glass artisans in the Pacific northwest and to contemporary artisans around the world.  It has more than 140,000 visitors annually.

The Museum has several parts to it but the major ones are the hot shop, the exhibition galleries, and the Chihuly Bridge of Glass.

Museum of Glass Entrance Hall

Museum Entrance Hall 




Museum of Glass Hot Shop


Hot Shop Interior



The hot shop is the heart of the Museum.  It is a demonstration hot shop where glass artisans from around the world and from the Museum staff demonstrate how the process of glass art making is done.  This is a full-functional hot shop and it is set up so that a large audience can watch the process of glass blowing taking place.  The hot shop is the world's largest hot shop and is 90 feet tall, is 100 feet in diameter at the base and features two ovens that function at 2,400 degrees F.  The hot shop has seating for 200 visitors.

 Museum of Glass Hot Shop Exterior

Hot Shop Exterior



The hot shop is shaped like a cone and it forms an integral part of the Museum's architecture.  As a minor warning, the interior of the hot shop is quite warm.  It probably is in the mid-80's so if you are bothered by heat, you can watch the hot shop demos on widescreen monitors in the Museum.




The Museum does not continuously display its permanent collection but it hosts temporary exhibitions  and adds some of its permanent collection to the loaned art in the exhibitions.

One beautiful piece in the Museum's permanent collection is on display in the lobby.  It is "Gathering the Light" by artist Cappy Thompson.  This 11 foot by 15 foot piece features painted glass and it celebrates the wonderful world of glass art. This lovely piece resonates with the vibrant feel of the Museum of Glass.  One of Ms. Thompson's lovely works entitled "Dreaming of Spirit Animals"  is installed in Concourse A at the Sea-Tac Airport. 



Bridge of Glass


Bridge of Glass



The Chihuly Bridge of Glass is an important part of the Museum of Glass.  It features three installations on the 500 foot pedestrian bridge that connects the Museum of Glass with downtown Tacoma and spans I705 and the Tacoma train tracks. 

For lovers of Chihuly's glass art, the Bridge of Glass is a must see destination.  Chihuly designed the artistic installations on the bridge and they are absolutely exquisite. 


Bridge of Glass Seaform Pavilion

Seaform Pavilion



The installation closest to downtown Tacoma is the "Seaform Pavilion", a transparent ceiling  fifty by twenty feet that displays 2,364 objects from Chihuly's famous Seaform and Persian series.  Visitors can look up at this massive installation and it appears that you are looking up at a pool filled with brightly-colored objects. 

At the center of the BOG are the two magnificent "Crystal Towers".   These beautiful blue towers are forty feet tall and are made of a polyurethane material.  The Towers are iconic symbols of Tacoma, Chihuly, and the Museum of Glass. 

Bridge of Glass Venetian Wall

Venetian Wall



The installation nearest to the MOG building is the "Venetian Wall".  It is eighty feet long and it showcases 109 works from three of Chihuly's series:  Venetians, Ikebana, and Putti.  For lovers of glass art, the "Venetian Wall" is almost mystical in its appeal. 

The Bridge of Glass is always open to pedestrian traffic.  At night, the installations are illuminated.



The Museum Shop offers many unique glass creations for sale including the works by the permanent staff of the MOG's hot shop.  It has a comprehensive glass art book and exhibition catalogue section.





The Museum's Cafe offers espresso and a variety of sweets, sandwiches, salads, and soups.




The Museum is open every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  For fall, winter and spring, it is open Wednesday through Sunday. Its operating hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m for Monday through Saturday.  Sunday hours are  noon to 5 p.m.




Please click here to go to the Museum's web site.  The web site has directions to get to the Museum. 




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