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Woodland Park Zoo

Seattle's Top Attractions

Woodland Park Zoo Peacock

750 North 50th Street

Completed 1909

(206) 548-2500


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The Woodland Park Zoo is one of Seattle's finest attractions.  It attracts over 1,100,000 visitors annually including 350,000 school kids. This world-class zoo has much to offer visitors.  The Zoo has over 1,100 animals representing 300 different species displayed in a variety of exhibits that are designed to keep the animals happy in natural settings.  Major emphases of the Zoo are on education and conservation and they certainly do an outstanding job in these areas.

Woodland Park Zoo Humbolt Penguin Habitat

The Humbolt penguin habitat


The Zoo is a lovely destination.  Dating from its founding in 1899, It is nestled into 90 beautifully landscaped acres. This place is a treat just to walk around and savor the grand landscaping. In addition, the landscape design in the various animal exhibits is exceptional.


Woodland Park Zoo Jaguar Habitat

The jaguar habitat

Woodland Park Zoo Tropical Habitat

Tropical habitat


The grand design of the Zoo is that it features several zones from around the world.  Each zone features architecture, landscaping, and animals from that particular zone.  The major zones in the Zoo are:

The Woodland Park Zoo has been awarded the Best Exhibit three times by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  The awards were for the Tropical Rain Forest  (opened 1992), the Northern Trail (opened 1994) and the African Savannah (opened 1980). Only the Bronx Zoo has won more Best Exhibit awards.

Woodland Park Zoo Tarantula

A small inhabitant of the Zoo


Woodland Park Zoo Elephant Habitat

A scene from the outstanding elephant habitat


Woodland Park Zoo Western Lowland Gorilla

A western lowland gorilla




Woodland Park Zoo Brown Bear

One of the brown bears


My favorite section of the Zoo is the Northern Trail.  It was designed to present the wildlife of the Alaskan tundra and taiga regions.  The Trail features an outstanding exhibit that is home to two massive brown bears (grizzlies).  Watching these gorgeous creatures with their handsome fur prowling their habitat is a real treat.  One Zoo highlight is seeing a bear frolicking in the small pond.  Visitors can watch the bear's watery antics from the glass-enclosed viewing shelter. 

Woodland Park Zoo Tundra Exhibit

The brown bear tundra exhibit


Woodland Park Zoo Brown Bear

This bear knows how to relax!


Woodland Park Zoo Mountain Goat

The mountain goat exhibit


Another handsome animal in the Northern Trail exhibit is the mountain goat.  The goat exhibit features terrain constructed to emulate the steep rocky slopes where the goats normally roam in the high mountains. 


Woodland Park Zoo Penguins

A penguin performance


Woodland Park Zoo Humbolt Penguins

Adjacent to the West entrance is a grand exhibit of Humbolt penguins.  These penguins are the rock stars of the Zoo.  They put on a never-ending show of constant movement in the water and on land. Kids and adults really enjoy watching the penguins frolic around in the water and on land. 



Woodland Park Zoo Carousel


For lovers of historic carousels, the Zoo has one of the best.  Enclosed in a special building, the carousel has been lovingly-restored and it is a museum quality piece that you can ride.  This ride was built in 1918 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.  The carousel is 50 feet in diameter and has 48 hand-carved horses and two gorgeous chariots.  For two dollars, you can have a delightful spin on this historic amusement ride.

Please click here to go to our Photo Gallery page for the Carousel.



Woodland Park Rose Garden

Another feature of the Woodland Park Zoo is the Woodland Park Rose Garden.  This beautiful garden is located next to the South parking lot of the Zoo.  In the summer, this Garden is one of Seattle's most beautiful places.  Please click here to see our separate web page for the Rose Garden. 




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There are two entrances for the Zoo. 

South entrance    750 North 50th Street

West entrance    5500 Phinney Avenue North

The West entrance is the closest entrance to the main Zoo Store and the Rain Forest Food Pavilion.

Woodland Park Zoo Store Animals

Denizens of the Zoo Store




From downtown Seattle at 3rd and Pine, you can ride King County bus number 5 to get to the Zoo's West Entrance.

Please click here to see the timetable for bus number 5.





The phone number for the Zoo is (206) 548-2500






May 1 through September 30     9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

October 1 through April 30          9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The Zoo is open daily except for Christmas Day.


Woodland Park Zoo Peacock Display

A peacock putting on a show





Please click here to go to the Zoo's web site to see detailed information about the various exhibits and the animals exhibited including downloadable maps. 




Please click here to go to the Zoo's web site to see current admission prices.





The Zoo is an attraction covered by the Seattle CityPASS.  Please click on the image below to find out about the money-saving CityPASS.



Click here to go to the Photo Gallery for the Zoo's Carousel

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