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University of Washington Campus Landscaping

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Other Seattle Places with Beautiful Landscaping


There are three subjects of note for the landscaping on this lovely campus.  Please scroll down the page to read about the subjects.


 University of Washington Landscaping


General Landscaping

The University of Washington campus features impressive architecture blended with majestic landscaping (see the architecture section for more comments about the buildings).  The grounds are sprinkled with 480 species of mature trees mixed with lovely shrubs and flowers. 

In the spring, the rhododendron bushes put on quite a show for the visitor.

University of Washington Rose


The area around the beautiful Drumheller Fountain features delightful rose gardens.


Brockman Memorial Tree Tour

Univ Wash Brockman Memorial Tree Tour

Professor Frank Brockman wrote the original tree tour of the University of Washington campus in a booklet in 1980.  His tour featured 81 species of trees.  This popular tour has now been moved to an online site. 

Please click here to go to the web page with details of the tree tour. 


Cherry Trees on the University of Washington Campus

University of Washington Cherry Trees

Yoshino Cherry Trees in Bloom


One of the floral highlights of the entire year in Seattle is the spring blooming of the Yoshino cherry trees in the Liberal Arts Quadrangle.  These trees have dazzling white flowers that dapple the scenery and the flowers' beauty is complemented by the dark bark of the trees.  Photographers have a grand time strolling around this lavish floral highlight.  After they bloom, the cherry trees are still splendid with their graceful shapes and dark bark.


Click here to go to our Photo Gallery page with additional photos of the cherry trees.

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