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Bellevue Downtown Park

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Parks

10201 NE Fourth Street

Located in downtown Bellevue ( 11 miles from Pike Place Market)


Bellevue Downtown Park

The City of Bellevue has a number of parks including this scenic offering in downtown.  The park has 20 acres and offers a lovely place to walk, picnic, or just sit on a bench and meditate at the park's 10 acre green field with Bellevue's skyline in the background.


Bellevue Downtown Park


The park has a European feel to it with a one-half mile promenade, stately landscaping, a double row of shade trees, and a 240-foot wide waterfall that drops into a reflecting pool. 


Bellevue Downtown Park


I have included this park in the list of the best parks in the Seattle area.  You can have a nice outing in Bellevue visiting this park and the nearby Bellevue Botanical Gardens.

Bellevue Downtown Park

The 10-acre Green Field


Bellevue Downtown Park


The 240 Foot Long Waterfall

Bellevue Downtown Park Vista

Photographers will enjoy the dramatic views of the park and the Bellevue skyline.


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Bus service is offered from downtown Bellevue to downtown Seattle

The park has ample free parking.

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