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Freeway Park

Seattle Attractions--Parks

700 Seneca Street (downtown) Street

Freeway Park and Convention Center Roof

 View of the Park's Ellis Plaza adjacent to the Convention Center


Freeway Park Scene

Freeway Park       Playing in the Park



Freeway Park Information Kiosk

Park information kiosk


This 4.5 acre park was built in 1976 and it was the first U.S. park designed to span a freeway (I-5) . The Park features retaining walls, walking paths, a fountain, and a variety of ornamental trees, shrubs, and annuals. This park was constructed to serve as a partial "lid" over I-5. The Washington State Convention and Trade Center was designed and built in 1988 to integrate with the Park. The glass top of the building seems to flow into the Park. The Ellis Plaza features a display of lovely basalt rocks.

A visit to this unusual park and the Convention Center is well worth your time. Photographers should enjoy the delightful views in this park as well as the spectacular architecture of the Convention Center.

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Freeway Park


Art and Flowers in Freeway Park

The sculpture Seattle George Monument


Freeway Park


Freeway Park Walking Path

A walking trail in the park


Freeway Park Landscaping

Spring flowers in the park


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