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Kerry Park

Seattle Attractions--Parks

211 West Highland Drive

Queen Anne Hill

Kerry Park View of Seattle and Mt. Rainier

View of downtown Seattle and Mt. Rainier


Kerry Park

Kerry Park


West Highland Drive on Queen Anne Hill is one of Seattle’s most scenic places.  One of the highlights on this short street is Kerry Park.  We have this rated in our top 30 Seattle attractions.   

What makes Kerry Park special? It is a tiny, one acre postage stamp of a park. However, this small park makes up for its size with its spectacular views.  A plaque at the park reads, "Kerry Park given to the City in 1927 by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sperry Kerry, Sr., so that all who stop here may enjoy this view." 

The view from Kerry Park of downtown Seattle and the Space Needle is one of the best and most photographed scenes in Seattle.  You also see grand views of the waterfront and Elliott Bay. On really clear days, Mt. Rainier adds to the delightful views from this park. 

The views from Kerry Park in almost any direction can be remarkable. Spend some time here and savor the gorgeous views.  The best viewing times are at sunrise, the morning hours, and at night.  Night views are highlighted by the lights of the City of Seattle shipping terminal.

For photographers, Kerry Park offers outstanding views.  The best shooting is in the morning hours, sunrise, and at night.  The downtown buildings become washed out in the afternoon sun.  You can do some interesting framing using the Changing Form sculpture.

For more view suggestions, go to the Betty Bowen viewpoint at the west end of West Highland Drive and check out the grand views of the Olympics, the marinas, and Magnolia.  Another hidden gem on Queen Anne Hill is Bhy Kracke Park.  It offers different views than Kerry Park without any crowds.

Kerry Park

A view of the Park looking east


Kerry Park Sculpture


The sculpture Changing Form by Doris Chase


Kerry Park

A view of the park looking west


Kerry Park Sunrise View

An early morning view of downtown Seattle


Kerry Park View

A morning view in the spring


Kerry Park

Sunrise at Kerry Park


Kerry Park View of Mt Rainier and Elliott Bay

Early morning view of Elliott Bay and Mt. Rainier

Kerry Park View

An early morning view looking southwest towards Elliott Bay


Kerry Park

An early morning view looking south at Elliott Bay


Kerry Park View

A night view of Elliott Bay shows the lights of the shipping terminal and the PI Globe in the foreground


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