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Oxbow Park

Seattle Tourist Attractions--Parks


6430 Corson Avenue South (Georgetown)


Oxbow Park Hat and Boots




One of Seattle's most beloved roadside attractions now rests fully restored in Oxbow Park in the Georgetown area.

The hat and boots were constructed as part of a Texaco station that was completed in the Georgetown area in 1954.  The hat was 44 feet tall and sported a 60 foot wide brim.  To complete the cowboy outfit, a pair of 22 foot high boots were built.  The brim of the hat housed the gas pump shelter.  The restrooms were in the boots.


Hat in Oxbow Park

The 44 foot tall hat covering a picnic table with its 60 foot brim


The Hat n' Boots station opened on the busy state highway 99.  It quickly became the busiest gas station in the state and was pumping 300,000 gallons per month at a time when the average station pumped 15,000.  The opening of I-5 in the early sixties doomed the station and it fell on hard times and closed. 

A grass roots campaign started to save the popular hat and boots from deterioration.  The ultimate outcome of the campaign was that the hat and boots were relocated to Oxbow Park in Georgetown and were restored. 

This tiny park now displays the hat and boots and they are fun to look at.  You can even enjoy a picnic on the table beneath the hat.  The park looks like a set from the movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids. 

 Oxbow Park Boots

The 22 foot tall boots


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