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Volunteer Park--A Virtual Tour from the Observation Deck of the Water Tower

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Capitol Hill


Volunteer Park Water Tower

One of the popular features in Volunteer Park is the Water Tower (built in 1906).  Visitors can climb 100 steps to the top of the tower and enjoy 360 degree views of the Seattle area.  It is one of the best views of Seattle at an elevation of 520 feet above Puget Sound (the top of the Space Needle is 720 feet). The observation deck also has an exhibit that describes the Olmsted brothers and the impact of their designs on Seattle parks. With your camera, you can make panoramic views of the area. For people that experience vertigo and can't go to the top of the Space Needle, the Water Tower offers an alternative to see great views of the Seattle area.

We offer you a virtual tour of the views from the Water Tower. Note that some views are blocked by stairwells and cannot be made.

Photography note--the view from the observation deck is partially obscured by wire screening (dimensions 3 inches or so by 3 inches) that was probably installed to keep pigeons and other birds from roosting in the observation deck.  You have to shoot through the screening which is an opening slightly smaller than a typical DSLR lens.  You have to make your shots knowing that you will lose some of the scenes due to necessary cropping.  If you are using a point and shoot camera, this probably will not be a problem due to their smaller lenses.


Volunteer Park Water Tower Observation Deck

The observation deck at the top of the Water Tower.


Volunteer Park Water Tower View

The view looking west toward the Space Needle.



Volunteer Water Tower View

The view looking north toward the University District that shows the trees of Volunteer Park. The white structure that is partially visible is the Seattle Asian Art Museum.



Volunteer Park Water Tower View

Looking east towards Bellevue and the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge.


Volunteer Park Water Tower View

Looking south with Mt. Rainier partially obscured by trees.


Volunteer Park Water Tower

Looking southwest on Capitol Hill toward 14th Avenue and "Millionaire's Row".


Volunteer Park Water Tower View of Downtown Seattle


Looking southwest toward downtown Seattle. This is a great view of the skyline.


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