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Seattle Central Library--Photo Gallery Page 2

Interior Details

Seattle Central Library Fourth Floor

This is not the interior of a Klingon warbird.  It is actually the Meeting Room Level (Fourth Floor) hallway color scheme.


Seattle Central Library Escalators

The psychedelic yellow escalators throughout the Library will wake anyone up!


Stairs to Fourth Floor

The stairs going from the Third Level to the Meeting Room Level look like they are the landing stairs for an alien spaceship.


Rock Climber's Carabiner

A carabiner on the tenth floor exterior


One of the really cool details pointed out on the architectural tour  of the library is a rock climber's carabiner attached to the exterior of the ninth floor.  The Library contracts the window washing to a company that employs experienced rock climbers to navigate the wild angles on the Library's exterior. The carabiner clips were installed into the mullions so the window washers (see below) could climb the building directly. Most of the windows are washed twice a year.


Seattle Central Library Window Washers

Window washers roped into the carabiners


View from Tenth Floor to Street

The dizzying view looking straight down from the tenth floor to the street level.


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