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Exploring Queen Anne Hill

Seattle's Beautiful Neighborhoods

Lower Queen Anne Hill

Lower Queen Anne Hill from south Lake Union


Queen Anne Hill doesn't have any major attractions but it is a lovely residential neighborhood filled with beautiful homes, apartments, and wonderful views of the Seattle skyline, Lake Union, Elliott Bay, Puget Sound, and the majestic Olympic Mountains. At 450 feet above sea level, Queen Anne Hill is the highest hill in Seattle. 

One of the best ways to sample the Queen Anne Hill neighborhood is to explore West Highland Drive. This short street offers two small parks with spectacular views and lovely homes and apartments with gorgeous landscaping.  Park your car near Kerry Park, grab your camera, and start walking.  The street is a photographer's showcase during the spring blooming season.


Map of Queen Anne Hill

Please click the above link to open a separate tab in your browser that displays our detailed map for Capitol Hill.


Click on any of the following links to see more information and photographs of parks and architecture to see on West Highland Drive.


Kerry Park

Seattle's Kerry Park View

Visit this park to see magnificent views of the Space Needle and Seattle


Betty Bowen Viewpoint

Betty Bowen Park Vista on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill

A viewpoint on West Highland Drive with grand views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains


Bhy Kracke Park

Bhy Kracke Park Vista on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill


A tiny park on Queen Anne Hill with great views of downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, and south Lake Union.  This is one of Seattle's hidden attractions. 



Ballard/Howe House

Ballard Mansion on Queen Anne Hill

One of Queen Anne Hill's showcase homes located on West Highland Drive.



Victoria Apartments

Victoria Apartments on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill

The elegant Victoria Apartments built feature dramatic landscaping and are a visual highlight on West Highland Drive. 



Other homes and apartments on West Highland Drive

West Highland Drive Landscaping on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill


More of the lovely residences that offer attractive landscaping.



De La Mar Apartments Photos

De La Mar Apartments on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill

Another beautiful building of note on Queen Anne HIll is the De La Mar Apartments on 115 West Olympic Place (two blocks south of West Highland Drive.)  It is a registered Seattle landmark.  Click the link to see photographs of this lovely building.


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