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Agate Designs

Looking at Beautiful Retail Stores

120 First Avenue South

Phone (206) 621-3063

Pioneer Square District

Agate Designs


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Our web site features the most beautiful places to explore in the greater Seattle area.  I have a special love of the Pioneer Square District and I never tire of coming back to the District to stroll around and enjoy looking at Seattle’s historical buildings. 

We like to feature stores that carry beautiful merchandise. In our coverage of the Pioneer Square District, we have previously showcased Cuttysark Nautical Antiques and Glasshouse Studio.  In this article, we will shine the spotlight on Agate Designs. 

Agate Designs

This long time resident of the District has been in business since 1965.  The store is now run by a second generation of the family that founded the business.  Current owners are Mark Kuhlberg and Terry Derosler.

As you stroll around this store, you see that it is a mixture of a retail store and a mini-museum.  The offerings of the store include crystals, gems, minerals, fossils, and other natural history items.  Its shelves present items spanning hundreds of millions of years and that come from all parts of the globe.

Décor: this includes items made from beautiful natural history specimens like petrified wood bookends and mounted insects.  Their décor offerings will add zest to homes and offices.

Agate Designs Mineral Example

Gems and minerals:  the store specializes in hand-picked specimens from around the world.


Agate Designs Trilobites

Fossils:  they stock a variety of fossils including trilobites and ammonites.

Jewelry:  the majority of their jewelry features gemstones mounted in sterling silver.

Their price points range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

A walk around this store is like visiting a small natural history museum.  It is interesting to view the wide variety of objects from nature are attractively presented. 

 Please click here to go to the Agate Designs web site.

Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.



Agate Designs Store Front



Agate Designs


Agate Designs



Agate Designs


Agate Designs

A selection of gems and minerals


Agate Designs


Agate Designs

This little family of geese in the store window is really cute!


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