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Office of Metropolitan Architecture: Seattle Public Library


Recommended books about Seattle


Seattle Public Library Book Cover


Featured Book: Office for Metropolitan Architecture:  Seattle Public Library

Editors:  Michael Kudo and Ramon Prat

Publication Year:  2005

Publisher:  Actar

ISBN  978-8495951632

This book is the story of how the beautiful Seattle Central Library building came about. 

What may appear at first glance to be a wild fantasy of an architect is revealed to be a much-discussed design that involved input from a large number of people.  The goal of the entire process was to design a magnificent architectural statement that was a highly-functional building to serve library patrons and the library staff. 

One interesting feature in the book is presentation of several feature reports from the Seattle Times newspaper that were published from 1998 to 2004 that document the development of the building from its conception through its completion. 

The architectural elements of the building are discussed with enough detail to be interesting without dragging the reader into minutiae.

The book is well-illustrated with a number of architectural drawings and other drawings  In addition, the book features 45 full-color photographs that fill two pages and a number of smaller photographs.

The book has 163 pages and it measures approximately 10 inches by 7 inches.  The book cover is a hybrid between a soft cover and a hard cover.  It is protected by a thick plastic transparent dust cover. 

Synopsis  This is a lovely book that tells the fascinating story of the creation of the outstanding Seattle Central Library building.  It will make a nice souvenir of your visit to the library. 



Purchasing Information: This book is in print and is available for purchase from Shipping is free if your total order is over $25. Please click on the image below to purchase this book.





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