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Urban Walks: 23 Walks through Seattle's Parks and Neighborhoods

Recommended Seattle Travel Guidebooks


Urban Walks

Urban Walks: 23 Walks through Seattle's Parks and Neighborhoods

Authors: Joan Burton and Duse McLean

Thistle Press


207 pages


This book presents 23 easy walks around Seattle.  The authors are Seattle locals and wrote the book from a personal viewpoint.

Each walk features a map, walking information such as the distance, time, difficulty of terrain, location of restrooms, and restaurants, directions on how to get to the start, historical information about the area of the hike, and a detailed description of what you will see as you take the walk.  The walks are free except for any cost of parking your car.

The authors provide a lot of information about taking these 23 excursions through Seattle.  For Seattle residents and visitors, these walks take you up close and personal with the scenery of Seattle. 

Some of the featured walks include:

Our other recommended walking resource (City Walks Seattle) is easier to carry around because each of its 50 walks is on a small cardboard card.  This book is quite informative and useful although it is a bit more trouble to carry around than the cards of City Walks Seattle. If you come to Seattle frequently, I would recommend that you acquire this book and the City Walks Seattle cards. 

Purchasing Information: This book is in print and is available for purchase from Shipping is free if your total order is over $25. Please click on the image below to purchase this book.





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