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Seattle Photography Notes

Where to Photograph in Seattle and Where to Buy Photographic Equipment and Supplies


Experience Music Project Museum Building

Seattle's Experience Music Project Museum Building


For photographers, the Seattle area is a paradise.  Basically, all of the attractions and destinations that we recommend at Dazzling Places are excellent places to make photographs.  We would like to mention some places that are must see destinations for the avid photographer visiting Seattle.




Lake Union Park Vista

Lake Union Park


The Seattle parks are simply beautiful.  The top of my list is Volunteer Park.  You can take a complete panaroma of Seattle from the top of the Water Tower.  After visiting Volunteer Park, be sure to stop at the nearby Louisa Boren Park for a grand view of Lake Washington and the Cascades. 

Discovery Park offers dramatic views.  For a spectacular view of the Seattle skyline and Elliott Bay, go to the Jose Rizal Park on Beacon Hill.  While you are at Jose Rizal Park, go across the street to see the elegant Art Deco Pacific Medical Building.

Make sure that you  visit scenic Olympic Sculpture Park. The recently opened Lake Union Park has beautiful vistas and gorgeous old wooden boats. 



The botanical gardens are a best bet for places to take outstanding photos.  Lovers of botanical gardens and photography have to visit the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island.  Look at our photo gallery shots of the Bloedel Reserve. The Bloedel Reserve is an exceptionally beautiful place.  

Try to visit all of the botanical gardens but make sure that you see Kubota Garden and Washington Park Arboretum.  In summer, the Woodland Park Rose Garden is magnificent. In late fall, visit the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  The Bellevue Gardens have some areas of breathtaking fall color. Another especially scenic garden and one of my favorites is the Soest Display Garden at the University of Washington. 

A link to check for ideas of where to photograph is Plant Talk, is the blog of Seattle gardener and author Valerie Easton.  Valerie is the garden columnist for the Seattle Times newpaper.  Her blog is loaded with lovely photos.  It is fun to surf her site to savor a lot of photos of the Seattle area's parks, gardens, and general landscaping.

Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum



The architecture and landscaping on the University of Washington campus are a must destination for photographers.  If you visit during the spring cherry tree blooming season, you have to visit the campus to see its outstanding grouping of cherry trees.  On top of the architecture list is the magnificent Suzzallo Library and its elegant reading room.



If you only had a couple of hours to visit one place in Seattle for photography, you would want to go to West Highland Drive on Queen Anne Hill.  The view of the Seattle skyline from Kerry Park is the most photographed view of the Seattle skyline with the Space Needle.  West Highland Drive has many lovely homes and apartments with gorgeous landscaping. Bhy Kracke Park has views almost as good as Kerry Park but very few people know about it.



Seattle Central Library

Make time to visit the Seattle Central Library and to photograph it on the outside and the inside.  It is a spectacular piece of architecture.



Seattle Center is a photographer's dream location.  The combination of its dramatic architecture and landscaping is hard to beat.  You can wear out your camera taking shots of the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project Museum  building.



Pike Place Market attracts photographers like a magnet.  Strolling around this colorful market with its riot of colors and sea of humanity is grand fun.



Pioneer Square is a small area that is loaded with photographic opportunities.  Give yourself some time to stroll around the Pioneer Square District and to enjoy its beautiful old buildings and pretty parks. Smith Tower is a great subject for photographs. The Pergola structure in Pioneer Square Park is really photogenic. On cloudy days, the old buildings are beautiful subjects for photographers.

While you are at the Pioneer Square District, walk over a couple of blocks to see the grand interior of  Union Station.

Mannequin in Pioneer Square Shop Window

Mannequin in Pioneer Square Distract Store Window



If you have a photographic equipment emergency on your Seattle visit, you can go to Glazers on 430 8th Avenue downtown. They have a huge store, a massive inventory, and knowledgeable and helpful staff to solve any equipment emergency. Their phone number is (206) 624-1100.



Before you visit Seattle, take a look at the huge photo and video equipment selection at Remember that it is free shipping for orders over $25.



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