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Sea-Tac Airport Information--Architecture

Page Four of Our Comprehensive Guide to Sea-Tac Airport


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ARCHITECTURE--the Gina Marie Lindsey Arrivals Hall



Sea-Tac Airport Arrivals Hall


One area in the airport is especially noteworthy from an architectural standpoint.  The Gina Marie Lindsey Arrivals Hall adjacent to Concourse A welcomes arriving passengers with a spectacular 70 foot tall and 300 foot long curving glass window overlooking a bright and airy hall.  Two historic aircraft are suspended from the ceiling and add to the dramatic scene of the Arrivals Hall.  Take a few minutes to enjoy this airport feature.  The hall offers a wonderful array of scenes for the photographer.  Our website has a lot of information about the architecture in the Seattle area.  The Arrivals Hall definitely is on our list of architecture worth seeing.


Sea-Tac Airport Arrivals Hall


Historic Aircraft in the Arrivals Hall

One of the aircraft in the Arrivals Hall is an Alexander Eaglerock Combo-Wing built in 1928.  This beautifully-restored historic aircraft soars gracefully over the Arrivals Hall. 

The other gorgeous aircraft flying over the Arrivals Hall is a Burt Ratan Voyager, a copy of the historic aircraft that made the first non-stop trip around the world without refueling



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